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Hi! Jake here! Back from the dead! My friends call me Shredder or Mumie. That means Mummy. I’m a crazy dude that enjoys extreme sports and long ago I had a huge snowboard accident. I was in a coma for one month but I got back and here I am! The real live undead Mummy. Anyway I will be earning back my Shredder name soon enough cos I’m back at it bros! Have fun on my blog dudes!
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Back At It With The Guys! Went Zorbing With The Ol' Gang!

Yo dudes zorbing was awesome !! Yo dudes! I’m back at it! It’s been a long time since my accident and the road has been twisted and hard. But as you can see guys I’m back. Twice is crazy, twice as shredded and twice as ready to get back at it! Last week...