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An All-New Media Library for the WordPress iOS App

We recently launched an all-new media picker for WordPress for Android. Now, iOS users, you’re next! The new 7.8 release of WordPress for iOS includes a top-level Media Library section for each site you manage — making it even easier to share your images, video, and other media with the world. With just one tap … An All-New Media Library for the WordPress iOS App weiterlesen →

New Theme: AltoFocus

Today we’re happy to announce the latest addition to our collection of free themes: AltoFocus! AltoFocus is a spinoff of the original AutoFocus theme from a few years ago. Its elegant tiled layout helps artists, photobloggers, and other creatives showcase their talents. Designed by Allan Cole, it highlights featured images in a way that engages readers and then gets … New Theme: AltoFocus weiterlesen →

The Best of in May

Hi everyone! Check out some of the new updates, designs, and insights that helped make May a great month for the community. What’s new How a Detroit Hackathon Turned into’s First-Ever TV Spots A team of developers launched new sites for small businesses in Detroit during a 48-hour Hackathon in February, an event … The Best of in May weiterlesen →

Launching: All New Media Picker for Android

There’s this… thing… in the Android WordPress app that we refer to as the “seven-item menu.” It would show up when trying to add a photo to confront you with a list of choices and we confess, we couldn’t always remember what option we wanted, either. As of the 7.3 release, the seven-item menu is … Launching: All New Media Picker for Android weiterlesen →

Inclusive Illustrations, By Design

I like to think that designers solve problems, while artists ask questions. And when the two go hand-in-hand, real magic happens. Why? Because the right question gets answered with the right solution — art asks, and design responds. Here at Automattic we were extremely fortunate to recently get to partner with independent artist and designer … Inclusive Illustrations, By Design weiterlesen →

The Best of in April

You’re off to a strong creative start in 2017! Here are a few recent updates and stories from the community in April that we wanted to share with you. What’s new This Year’s WordPress Default Theme, Twenty Seventeen, Is Now Available “Great looking theme!” – Jason Thornberry Independent Publisher 2 Is Here The Independent Publisher … The Best of in April weiterlesen →