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Transport of the Future

We are all awaiting the period of drones, new transportation options and help whenever needed without any traffic being in the way. Now, although this video looks very much futuristic, I wonder how far we are in the development to approach the new era. This Futuristic Gyroscopic Transportation concept by DAHİR İNŞAAT highlights what could […]

What kind of content engages LinkedIn users (Infographic)

It is no news anymore that all social networks are turning more and more into content platforms, and are challenging the good old publishing world. Brands and managers, especially thought-leaders, are showcasing their business expertise to their peers and the industry they are addressing on platforms like LinkedIn rather than starting their own blogs. LinkedIn […]

Instagram rocks influencer marketing (report)

In the last weeks, influencer marketing has become the rising star among marketing tactics. This is not surprising as ad blocking makes the life for marketeers and their brand campaigns more and more difficult. The team at Hashoff, a micro-influencer platform, just recently published their latest annual report on influencer marketing which gives some interesting […]

2017: Top Social Networks Data (Infographic)

All marketers want to know in our seminars, where to find their audience for their next social media campaigns. Obviously, all decisions and spends will be depending on if you are focussing on B2B or B2C customers. Still, some general data might be helpful in organizing and planning your next campaign audiences. The guys at […]

The Responsive Car: Peugeot Instinct Concept

Not futuristic in terms of the design. Not too special compared to Tesla (big tablet in the middle, holographic head-up display, plug-in hybrid engine, and so on). Still, it is a smart car with a very much clean and intuitive layout. Peugeot unveiled their latest car study at Mobile World Congress last week, called Instinct […]

BMW connected window. The glass for the future?

Years ago, I have written about various options of companies envisioning the future of mirrors and screens. Whether it was Samsung or Toyota or any other company out there. Many brands think about the future way of living with new world of screens evolving. The rising mobility trend drives companies to work on the glass […]