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ELBOW – Raise The Cassette Tape Culture

Elbow is a clever, perhaps too clever, cassette player concept that was unveiled by the „audiovisual art organization“ BrainMonk. The concept itself is simple: what if a cassette player didn’t have any of that nasty boxy stuff that protects the cassette? Elbow, were it to exist, uses a single pulley to drive the tape, and it tracks the tape with an optical sensor to keep a constant playback speed — a serious problem with cheap cassette players. via Der Beitrag ELBOW – Raise The Cassette Tape Culture erschien zuerst auf V8 Filmproduktion Berlin.

Pablo Ferro – Godfather of Title Design

Pablo Ferro. Pablo who? You are forgiven. But you really enjoyed Bullitt, Doctor Strangelove, L.A. Confidential or The Thomas Crown Affair from the first second on, right? And the trailers for Clockwork Orange or Zardoz are somewhere stored in your memory? Because that´s what this artists work does. It sticks. Too good to forget to visual stunning to not remember. Cannot be unseen. The New Yorker of Cuban descent was Kubrick´s man before that name rang a bell with anybody. The self-taught designer and animator started freelancing as an animator in themid-fifties until his unconventional ideas got him involved in the craft of the titel design for feature films. From there on he started to leave his mark on the industry like maybe only Saul Bass managed to do. His work ranges from hand-drawn to animated illustrations, logos, designs or letterings. To his groundbreaking treatment of video-editing techniques like split-screen storytelling or the nervous cut of the Clockwork Orange trailer that made MTV already happen in the early seventies. 70 international design awards later Pablo Ferro´s work can be found at the beginning inside or at the end of 12 Academy Award winning films. Bullitt. Steve McQueen. Muscle cars. Cool Jazz. And the titel design by Pablo Ferro. Legendary. L.A. Confidential. One of the best movies about helL. A. Mad and hyper. Trailer for Kubrick´s Clockwork Orange. And of course – ZARDOZ! 🙂 There is a great documentary about the man and his art. You can get Pablo (2012) narrated by the Dude on DVD for a twenny. Der Beitrag Pablo Ferro – Godfather of Title Design erschien zuerst auf V8 Filmproduktion Berlin.

Klaus Bürgle – The future looked bright

Germany, the nineteen fifties. A manic nation. Wirtschaftswunder. Don’t look back, look ahead! Twenty-three-year-old graphic designer Klaus Bürgle looked ahead. Way ahead. And visualized the future he hoped for in large cover folds for Das Neue Universum, a german annual youth magazine about science, fiction and progress. He designed a busy world always in commute. One that works together. A united world that invents incredible technologies, machines and vehicles for the progress of all mankind. You had to be crazy to destroy all that for something so silly like an ideology or natural resources. Naive. Yes, very. Pure escapism. To the moon. To the stars. To galaxies far, far away. Full of hope, color and functionality. Long before science & fiction became a popular genre and painted visions about things to come turned dark and dystopian (Syd Mead/Bladerunner, HR Giger/Alien) he used his art to reverse engineer the minds of german youth and infuse it with something positive. Klaus Bürgle passed away last summer. Das Neue Universum Retro-Futurismus Der Beitrag Klaus Bürgle – The future looked bright erschien zuerst auf V8 Filmproduktion Berlin.

The Director’s Shirt – Lord Have Merch!

Bands have fans. And those fans wear shirts with their favorite bands name on them. That is how it was and always will be. No other art form could ever establish that kind of open carry culture among their peers. Why? Maybe in primal times performing was the first thing people did to entertain one another around the bonfire. And the ones with the best voice or dopest performing skills became an important part in making the winter less dull. All other art forms came later. But all guessing aside it´s the 21. century and anyone with a knack for something deserves a t-shirt to show off. Even us film connaisseurs. Our prayers have been heard. Someone took the names of the great film directors, our heroes, and made them look like their counter parts from the music world. So even if the singers came first. The storytellers were also in that cave back then. So here they are – De Palma, Scorsese, Fassbinder, Bergmann, Carpenter, Bunuel, Von Trier, Jodorowsky or Herzog in (more or less) accurate colors and logo placing. Check prizes and sizes here. Sweet.  Der Beitrag The Director’s Shirt – Lord Have Merch! erschien zuerst auf V8 Filmproduktion Berlin.

Ferrari 308 GT4 Rainbow – The Prancing Unicorn

Hush now, be quiet or you may startle it. It´s the Ferrari Rainbow . And you don´t see it that often. Because this amazing concept car based on the Dino 308 GT4 ended on the cutting-floor of automobile history. Why? Being too early can be as bad a timing as being too late. Der Beitrag Ferrari 308 GT4 Rainbow – The Prancing Unicorn erschien zuerst auf V8 Filmproduktion Berlin.

Fallout – A drone over Chernobyl

With the world thoroughly mapped out and discovered from pole to pole it´s more or less here be no dragons these days. Sadly there are places on earth man created himself that he can go no more. Chernobyl in the Ukraine comes to mind. Nearly thirty years ago it became no man´s land*. When Pripyat´s 50000 citizens fled the massive fallout the satellite town had only just gotten the city rights. Almost 30 years later it´s ruins remain. AeroCine put a drone in the air and captured the state of post apocalyptic beauty in a video. And it is as calming as it is unsettling knowing that it already happened again. The footage was shot with an ARRI Alexa XT on AeroCine’s new heavy lift coaxial hexacopter.    The eye in the sky cries. The liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau, the nazi´s largest death camp, happened 70 years ago. The BBC had a drone flying over the site to put the dimension of the unspeakable horrors into perspective. On a lighter yet slightly creepy side: A brazilian clothing store used drones to fly headless mannequins by office windows to announce their sale to busy executives. Oh my. *Almost. Der Beitrag Fallout – A drone over Chernobyl erschien zuerst auf V8 Filmproduktion Berlin.