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Klaus Bürgle – The future looked bright

Germany, the nineteen fifties. A manic nation. Wirtschaftswunder. Don’t look back, look ahead! Twenty-three-year-old graphic designer Klaus Bürgle looked ahead. Way ahead. And visualized the future he hoped for in large cover folds for Das Neue Universum, a german annual youth magazine about science, fiction and progress. He designed a busy world always in commute. One that works together. A united world that invents incredible technologies, machines […] Der Beitrag Klaus Bürgle – The future looked bright erschien zuerst auf .

The Director’s Shirt – Lord Have Merch!

Bands have fans. And those fans wear shirts with their favorite bands name on them. That is how it was and always will be. No other art form could ever establish that kind of open carry culture among their peers. Why? Maybe in primal times performing was the first thing people did to entertain one another around the […] Der Beitrag The Director’s Shirt – Lord Have Merch! erschien zuerst auf .

LILY – A throw and shoot camera drone

Just recently someone in Connecticut strapped a handgun to a small unmanned aerial vehicle that would then fly and shoot real bullets. The teenager now faces investigation by the authorities. LILY was engineered with a different use in mind. The video-drone is a personal video-operator that follows you autonomously while you enjoy your favourite activities in the great outdoors. Or […] Der Beitrag LILY – A throw and shoot camera drone erschien zuerst auf .

Lens go! MOMENT mobile Lenses

As the smartphone is becoming our 7th sense with a set of amazing features the idea of taking any additional gadgetry with us starts to feel somehow wrong. Especially with digital photography the reaction time to a photo worthy moment has been cut by quite a bit by these handhelds. And newest smartphones carry powerful chips inside. But the optics still […] Der Beitrag Lens go! MOMENT mobile Lenses erschien zuerst auf .

Fallout – A drone over Chernobyl

With the world thoroughly mapped out and discovered from pole to pole it´s more or less here be no dragons these days. Sadly there are places on earth man created himself that he can go no more. Chernobyl in the Ukraine comes to mind. Nearly thirty years ago it became no man´s land*. When Pripyat´s 50000 citizens fled the massive fallout the satellite […] Der Beitrag Fallout – A drone over Chernobyl erschien zuerst auf .

A 3D printed Future Machine

What surgeons already use in the OR is now becoming road ready. 3D printed Titanium parts. The material that is hip for hips has been used in expensive bike frames for a while already. But now it can be made to really fit a riders individual body measurements. Australian bike manufacturer Flying Machine has premiered a custom model that […] Der Beitrag A 3D printed Future Machine erschien zuerst auf .