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progeCAD and AutoCAD Forum • Steel sections I'm fairly new to ProgeCad, so, please excuse me if the answer has already been given.With my previous AutoCAD I could download steel sections, i..e. beams, channels, angles and girders etc.I can't see how to do this with ProgeCAD. Is it possible?Statistics: Posted by shanncon — Mon Sep 18, 2017 8:33 am

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Civil Survey DTM Features Introduced in progeCAD 2019 Sydney, Australia 09 May 2017 - CADDIT Software announces the second major class of new features to ship with their upcoming progeCAD 2019 release. progeCAD is an affordable, robust general purpose CAD system used by designers, architects, builders, engineers, civil survey and government planning offices for over ten yeas in Australia and New Zealand. progeCAD requires little or no learning curve for AutoCAD users because of its compatible interface and command structure.Along with thousands of general-purpose CAD drafting features such as AutoCAD-similar drawing commands, full native DWG format read-write, PDF import and export, direct 3D modelling and realtime and advanced rendering, extensive block libraries, 3D architecture, tables and data extraction, new 3D model translation from STEP IGES and STL-mesh models as well as countless other tools, progeCAD 2019 will introduce a new suite of civil survey functions.This new suite of DTM functions offer civil engineers, landscapers, environmentalists, builders and other land-development professionals an easy-to-use set of basic land survey tools for generating terrain profiles and slope lines. Some of the new civil survey commands include:AUTOSECTION - generate full section detail views with full annotation from drawing contoursSECTIONLINE - create a profile path to be used by AUTOSECTIONCONVERTLCURVES - convert SPLINEs into 3DPOLY usable by AUTOSECTIONSLOPEBLOCK - generate normal or "slope" lines along a single polylineSLOPEAREA - generate normal or "slope" lines between two polylinesTo gererate a new civil section view simply create a new SECTIONLINE through your drawing like so and then select it using AUTOSECTION:progeCAD 2019 can create DTM section views directly from LINE, 3DPOLY and 3DFACE. SPLINE need to be converted into 3D polylines first, using the "convert level curves" tool (CONVERTLCURVES) AUTOSECTION begins with a comprehensive dialog which allows you to customize your new DTM section view or click OK to accept prior defaults. After clicking...

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progeCAD 2018 Floating Network License progeCAD Professional Network Floating Client License let users install progeCAD on multiple computers and share the license(s) across their office network. Installation may require MCSE qualified network administrator.progeCAD 2018 AutoCAD® Compatible InterfaceAutoCAD style commands, menus and iconsSupports AutoCAD DWG model and paper spacesFree addons EasyARCH 3D PDF printing 20000+ blocksDynamic cursor, annotative styles and multi-grips VBA developers API, SDS C++ and macrosDownload progeCAD HERE - Try it for FreeThis product is a full permanent license for the complete progeCAD Professional software package. One progeCAD network license can be used to run progeCAD on any one network PC at one time (first-come first-serve). Two licenses are needed for two simultaneous network users, and so on. The CADDIT progeCAD 2018 license will work with both 64-bit and 32-bit versions of the software. progeCAD NLM offers several strong advantages for medium-sized company deployment: 1) Asset control. Licenses never get lost (i.e. stolen laptops etc) because they are centrally stored and issued. 2) Maximize value. If several of users are "casual", save costs by easily sharing a mutual pot of network licenses. 3) Flexibility. License never has to be "uninstalled". It returns to the server as soon as progeCAD session is closed or times out. 4) Availability. Use progeCAD licenses over a VPN or completely "borrow" for a temporary period (e.g. off-site work) 5) Ease of management. You never need to "look" for who has what serial code or ask how many serial codes you have. We see this to be a special advantage when more than one person is managing digital assets / ITLicense server software (provided free) operation requires certain "normal" TCP/UDP network ports open in the local firewall. As a centrally managed license, each network license automatically reverts back to the NLM server as "available" for...