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MAMEoXtras v1.20

The popular port of MAME on the original Xbox has been recently updated Gamezfan continues to fine-tune his port of the MAMEmulator on the orgiinal classic, now retro Xbox console, adding in support more games, and many small improvements to make everything run smoother. The original Xbox has alot to offer still, it well supported, stable, and affordable to purchase if you don't have one yet, and easy to mod, and besides playing the games that it originally came with, once you have it customized, you will find it makes a great emulation box also, and one of the better emulators out there for it is the MAME port by Gamezfan and he recently updated and added more tweaks. MAMEoXtras is a port of the popular MAME (Multi Arcade Machine Emulator) system for the XBOX. -- Includes source code. -- Featuring new updated driver work and brand spanking new skins. Contains coding by: -- Erik Abair, opcode, luckyMIC, superfro, XPort, bendermike, Ebsy, HK$, IQ_132, gamezfan, destronger, cbagy, And BritneysPAIRS. Changes for v1.20: -- New Games Added -- Snowboard Championship (Now Playable) -- Gain Ground (Now Playable) -- Crackdown (Now Playable) -- Rough Racer (Now Playable) -- Super Masters Golf (Now Playable) -- Sonic Boom (Now Playable) -- World Cup Volley English Version (Now Playable) -- Professor Pac-Man (Now Playable) -- Scramble Spirits Japan Version (Now Playable) -- Fixes And Improvements -- Major Sound Gfx and Game improvements for Gorf -- Major Sound...

XBMC 4 Xbox - Version 3.5.3 is Released

Nothing better out there to use then XBMC on your original retro modded Xbox console! It has been now 5,218 days since the original Xbox was released by Microsoft, but still there is tons of people out there using them in their living rooms as their Media Center for Movies/TV and more! We might be using Xbox One's now, but before there was this thing called XB1 in our living room taking space, there was amazing new device released 5,218 days ago, that ended up being the de-facto standard for streaming media from our PC's and direct from the 'net, when XBMC was born. So many things have changed in the 'scene world' since those amazing first Xbox days, so its good to see a team out there still working on the original core of XBMC and adding in little features and improvements for all those people still madly in love with the green box. XBMC4Xbox 3.5.3 has been released. A smaller update again, but includes some weather and scraper fixes, and some library updates. Changes since 3.5.1 include: -- Improved compatibility with some Kodi addons. -- Fixes for the TMDB scraper. -- Fix for weather location search and data. -- Python updated to 2.7.11 (including updated SQLite3/OpenSSL). -- Fix for a problem with stuttering video. -- FFMpeg libraries updated to 1.2.12 (the last of the 1.2 series). Thanks Thanks to Dom and tim619 for contributing patches. For more great info on this release, latest downloads, and support please visit the official links below, and remember above all else, please show them some thanks for their...

ModChipCentral December #MerryXmas2015 Specials

All the UnderGround Modding Gear you will ever need for All your Video Gaming Consoles wants! From now until the end of December 23th, ModChipCentral wants you to get into Merry Video Gaming Christmas Mode, by offering all our loyal readers 5% OFF everything on their website to get you modded! Happy Holidays and Christmas is just around the corner, and 'tis the season when we go mad with shopping and buying new electronics, and what can you to do with all those cool Xbox or PlayStation consoles, or Nintendo handhelds, or even some Retro Gaming Gear like Gamecube's or Wii's or even maybe a refurb'ed SNES, after you unwrap them, well you can modify them using amazing devices from top brands like Sky3DS, Gateway 3DS, Cobra ODE, Team-Xecuter's CR4XL and much more like Xeno GC modchips and SuperUFO's SNES, and what better company then ModChipCentral to supply all your Video Gaming Needs as right now during their Happy Holidays Events, besides their already low-discounted-prices, they are offering our loyal forum readers another 5% OFF everything on their site, just by placing your order and entering the coupon code of 'MerryXmas2015' when you are ready to checkout, you will get the best price ever, but hurry up and place your order soon, as the special promo deal ends after the 23th. [QUOTE]MerryXmas2015 Specials: FEDEX 2 BUSINESS DAY SHIPPING ONLY $14.00!!! (USA ONLY! INCLUDES TRACKING AND INSURANCE) Xbox: CRONUS MAX TX USB PRO V2 TX CR4 XL PlayStation: PS2 FREE MCBOOT PS2 MODBO 745 E3 Flasher PS3 DMC MODULE 3DS Flashcarts: ...

Modchipcentral Black Friday thru Cyber Monday Deals

All the UnderGround Modding Gear you will ever need for All your Video Gaming Consoles wants! If you been thinking of modding your console, and waiting for the perfect deal, now is the time as ModChip Central has all the top brands on sale during Black Friday until end of Cyber Monday weekend. Have you been looking for the right underground scene gear to get your video gaming console fully modded and doing the things you dreamed off, well no longer do you have to worry, as this special super long weekend, our wonderful Modchipcentral sponsor has all the neat gear you want at super special prices, so hurry up and act before Black Friday or Cyber Monday ends, otherwise it will be too late! BLACK FRIDAY SPECIALS!!!!! FEDEX 2 BUSINESS DAY SHIPPING ONLY $7.00!!! (USA ONLY! INCLUDES TRACKING AND INSURANCE) Xbox: CRONUS MAX $39.95 regular $49.95 TX USB PRO V2 $44.95 regular $54.95 TX CR4 XL $22.95 regular $34.95 PlayStation: PS2 FREE MCBOOT $17.95 regular $24.95 PS2 MODBO 745 $5.95 regular $12.95 PS3 E3 Flasher $49.95 regular $69.95 PS3 DMC MODULE $6.95 regular $14.95 3DS Flashcarts: SKY3DS $74.95 ...

Team-Xecuter's Forum Database Stolen

If you use same password on other forum sites change it asap It seems a group is after the long-time Team-Xecuter site that been Rockin' the Xbox Scene since early 2000, and were able to finally 'steal' their database and are trying to un-hash their passwords!! Team-Xecuter has been famous for over a decade in hacking into the original Xbox and Xbox 360, and hopefully in the near future the Xbox One, but it seems someone decided to turn the tables on them and hack TX's big official support forum. Here is official statement from TX regarding what happen: We recently moved to a new server and stupidly left our backend open for an easy attack which has now been fixed. Luckily the guys who gained access left their muddy prints all over the place so it was easy to clean up. What we did find out was more interesting. Who did it, why they did it. If you want a quality hack, use someone who isn't going to leave their signature all over the place and take 5 minutes to find out who they are and have half their team rat out the other half. In short - don't hire these guys for the job: For the last 12 years our community of 282,000+ members have always had the security of knowing that we have never used their information for any purpose other than to be part of the Xecuter community. You will now be pleased to hear these group of hackers tried to steal the accounts to various high level staff and admin of the se7ensins community, who are also part of...

Xbox One beats PS4 on Black Friday

Bundles & Xbox Dominate the Console War The XBOne dominated Black Friday sales, according to market-research firm InfoScout. MicrosoftÂ’s latest system made up 53 percent of all console sales on one of the biggest shopping days of the year. It most likely will be a few weeks before we get official sales tracking info on what console did the most sales over the American Thanksgiving long weekend, famously called Black Friday / Cyber Monday, but one market research firm is claiming the Microsoft Xbox One came out as the King of Hill for holiday sales so far. The Xbox One was on sale for $330 at a number of big stores like Target and Walmart, and Microsoft bundled it with big games like Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag and Unity. That helped gamers choose the Xbox One over the PlayStation 4, which was $400 bundled with Bungie's sci-fi shooter Destiny or with the rereleases of Grand Theft Auto V and The Last of Us. They claim XB1 got 53% of the Black Friday sales, compare to 31% for Sony's PS4, and leaving 16% to other consoles. As shown in the picture above from InfoScout, the poor Nintendo Wii U come in losing Fourth place below Microsoft's older Xbox 360. News-Source: Xbox One beats PS4 on Black Friday (via) MaxConsole ( )