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Virtual environment education decreases anxiety before prostate cancer treatment

Radiation therapists and physicians know that education can reduce anxiety before radiation treatment but lack a standardized tool. In an effort to solve this problem, a multidisciplinary team from Jefferson College of Health Professions and Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center at Thomas Jefferson University conducted a pilot study to see if a virtual environment education program could reduce some of the anxiety their patients face.

Workplace barriers contribute to low rates of breastfeeding among mothers of new infants

For mothers of new infants, going back to work may pose a number of obstacles to continued breastfeeding. Workplace policies affecting the ability to breastfeed—and the role of nurse practitioners (NPs) in helping to overcome those obstacles—are the topic of a special article in The Nurse Practitioner, published by Wolters Kluwer.

Study offers new insights into transmission of dengue infections

Transmission of the mosquito-borne dengue virus appears to be largely driven by infections centered in and around the home, with the majority of cases related to one another occurring in people who live less than 200 meters apart, new research led by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and the University of Florida suggests.

Increase in BRCA testing may not necessarily mean better diagnosis of women at risk, study suggests

More women are requesting BRCA gene testing associated with certain types of cancer thanks to increased interest in the procedure.

Neurosurgeons must advance strategies and adapt new ways to thrive in evolving healthcare industry

Neurosurgeons hoping to successfully navigate the rapidly changing healthcare industry must advance their strategies and adapt new ways of thinking in order to continue to thrive in an evolving environment.

Insilico Medicine to present research findings in AI for drug discovery at BioDataWorld West Congress

Insilico Medicine, a Baltimore-based Big Data analytics company applying deep learning techniques to drug discovery, biomarker development and human longevity research will present and chair a panel at the BioDataWorld West, San Francisco, April 26-27.