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Study examines economic impact of surviving acute respiratory distress syndrome

According to a new multicenter study, nearly half of previously employed adult survivors of acute respiratory distress syndrome were jobless one year after hospital discharge, and are estimated to have lost an average of $27,000 in earnings.

China creates new kinase-based whole-cell screening library for high-throughput drug assay

After five years of hard work, China has completed the world's largest kinase-based whole-cell screening library for high-throughput drug assay.

Testosterone reduces cognitive reflection, increases impulsive behavior in men

Hotheaded, impulsive men who shoot first and ask questions later are a staple of Westerns and 1970s cop films, but new research shows there might be truth to the trope.

UM SOM expert diagnoses severe illness that destroyed hearing of Spanish artist

Francisco Goya is the most important Spanish artist of the late 18th and early 19th century. He was famed for his sensitive portraits, and many historians argue that he was the first truly modern painter.

Experts highlight need for further research on differences between milk proteins

New knowledge on milk composition and quality is of essential importance to consumers as well as the industry. There are therefore considerable research efforts in milk worldwide.

Study sheds new light on evolutionary origin of the vertebrate brain

A study recently published in PLOS Biology provides information that substantially changes the prevailing idea about the brain formation process in vertebrates and sheds some light on how it might have evolved.