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Surround Sound? IMAX? Chardonnay? Movie Theaters Look to Alcoholic Beverages (Wine Spectator) (Quelle:

Improved offerings of wine, beer and spirits as well as loosened regulations are making the silver screen a better experience

Graphic: 12,000 glasses of Champagne to be served at the Oscars 2017 (Quelle:

See our graphic and report on how much food, wine and Champagne will be consumed at this year's Academy Awards.What the stars will be eating and drinking at the Oscars 2017 ceremony. And how much lobster..? See our graphic...The post Graphic: 12,000 glasses of Champagne to be served at the Oscars 2017 appeared first on Decanter.

Restaurant Roundtable: What's Your Biggest Challenge? (Wine Spectator) (Quelle:

Seven groundbreaking chefs, sommeliers and restaurateurs share the moments that have tested them on the job

Serving wine quiz ? test your knowledge (Quelle:

Serving wine is a fine art: different glasses for different wines, what to put with cheese and to decant or not to decant. Do you think you know the answers? Test your wine serving knowledge with our quiz and never put a foot wrong at a dinner party again.Decanting wine can improve its character.The serving wine quiz: See below to test your knowledge. See all Decanter wine quizzes  The post Serving wine quiz test your knowledge appeared first on Decanter.

For the weekend: Great wines under £20 (Quelle:

Decanter international tastings director Christelle Guibert hunts the tastings to find exciting, great value wines, all for under £20. See our selection of sumptuous Sangiovese wines...Why not indulge in one of these wines made from the sumptuous Sangiovese grape?The post For the weekend: Great wines under £20 appeared first on Decanter.

Unfiltered: America's Best and Brightest Match Wits and Palates at the Bordeaux Cup (Wine Spectator) (Quelle:

Also in Unfiltered, the NBA's All-Star weekend celebrates with Jack Daniel's, and could your cat be a wine connoisseur?