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Avant Tecno - General Buckets Avant 200 New Loader

Avant general buckets are designed so that the operator can see the front edge of the bucket from the driver's seat, which means quick and easy loading and emptying.

Avant Tecno - Wheel Loader Light Material Buckets, Avant 200

Avant light material buckets are developed for moving different types of lighter materials, e.g. snow, saw dust, manure, wood chips etc. Snow removal and handling of different light materials is easy with these buckets with volumes up to 180 litres.Compared to General Buckets the bottom of the Light Material Bucket is conciderably longer and the sides are higher, thus making it a perfect solution for moving large quantities.

Avant Tecno - High Miniloader Tip Bucket Avant 200

With the high tip bucket you can reach further and higher than with a normal bucket. The bucket tips over its front edge, powered by a hydraulic cylinder. This gives a max. tipping height of 1660 mm.

Avant Tecno - Kleinlader Dozer Blade Avant 200

Equipped with hydraulic blade tilting, Avant dozer blade is the ideal tool for snow removal, earthmoving and similar jobs where the materials must be dozed away quickly. The blade is equipped with spring release mechanism which protects the blade and driver in case it hits a solid object.Equipped with an changeable blade.

Avant Tecno - Pallet Fork Avant 200 Compactloader

Pallet fork is the basic attachment for lifting and handling of different types of materials on pallets. Fork width can easily be adjusted thanks to the quick lock mechanism. The forks are made of high tensile forged steel and designed in accordance with the ISO2330 standard.

Avant Tecno - Winch Avant 200 Series attachment

The Avant hydraulic winch enables towing of all kinds of objects (e.g. logs, poles, boats) from places where you cannot drive with the machine.Winch is quipped with a hydraulic motor, 30 m of wire rope and a towing hitch. It mounts on the attachment coupling plate and is operated with the auxiliary hyraulics control pedal.