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Solidarity With Spain Against Terrorism

The German Embassy lowered its flags to half-staff on Friday in remembrance of the victims of the terror attacks in Spain. In Berlin, Chancellor Angela Merkel assured Spain of Germany's solidarity and said both countries are united in the determination not to let attacks like this "stop us from living our way of life."

Word of the Week: tote Hose

If you've ever been to a party that had nothing going on, you might want to call it tote Hose ("dead trousers"). But why?

A New Cold War? Foreign Minister Gabriel Meets the Deep Cuts Commission

The current tense situation on the Korean Peninsula shows all too clearly how much we need disarmament, arms control and discussion on a world without nuclear weapons.

Word of the Week: Lebensmüde

We all have days where we feel tired and worn out. But if you feel like this every day, you may be lebensmüde.

German-Style Christmas Markets in the United States

Ringing in the holiday season, cities across the United States are celebrating with their own versions of the traditional German Christmas market, each with its own unique flair.

Choosing October 3 as the Day of German Unity

On August 23, 1990, the first freely elected East German parliament voted on the date for German unification, settling on October 3 after weeks of debate within the governing coalition and an intense debate into the wee hours of the morning.