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Measures Ease Deportation, Monitoring of Dangerous Persons

Considering the large number of expected decisions on asylum requests in 2017 and the associated increase in the number of people who will have to leave Germany, it is important that the requirement to leave is enforced, Interior Minister de Maizière said.

Word of the Week: Rosenkrieg

With Valentine's Day behind us, let's take a look at a less romantic German word: Rosenkrieg, which means "war of the roses".

Most People Don’t Want to Know Future, German and Spanish Researchers Find

If given the chance to see into the future, most people would rather not know what life has in store for them, according to studies conducted by researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development in Berlin and the University of Granada.

Germany and Lithuania Emphasize Commitment to EU, NATO Alliance

Chancellor Merkel and Lithuanian Prime Minister Skvernelis emphasized their common commitment to the future of the European Union and their cooperation within NATO at their meeting in Berlin on Thursday, February 23.

Voice Actors in Germany: On Hollywood’s Lips

When actors from all around the world have a German voice, it is not because they are polyglots. Voice actors make cinema and TV stars comprehensible for the audience, but there are also arguments about whether dubbing is worthwhile.

Germans Top the Podium at Biathlon World Championships

February 19th brought the 49th Biathlon World Championship to a close in Hochfilzen, Austria and with it eight medals will be taken home to Germany by native biathletes. These eight medals made Germany the highest medal winning country in the competition, with France taking home second overall and the Czech Republic team taking third.