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Top Marketing Trends and Predictions for 2017

The world is transforming faster than ever, and who would have thought 5 years ago that our user behavior and our buyer’s journey would be completely different now? And the funny thing is, most people still don’t realize it: “It worked in the 90ies and it still has to work today.” Some of the predictions are a bit scary, because you have to nail those new approaches or you will end in mediocrity. In this article, I’m going to share some of my predictions for marketing in 2017 and hopefully save you from failing. 1. Inbound marketing will explode in popularity Consumers tend to ignore or even condemn most of the conventional forms of advertising. This is an ongoing trend, maybe the oldest I mention in this article, but you will still have to deal with it. This is where you have to find a way to get the attention of potential customers. The formula for success is quite simple: Find the place with the most attention for your product. The variable to be outstanding is creativity. Last, but not least you need a good product, because the best marketing will not succeed if your product actually is really shitty. Think of all websites providing […]

How to Get Started With Inbound Sales

An Overview of Inbound Sales Theory & Technique The Internet has undeniably altered sales. We are currently looking at a generation that has no idea what it’s like not to own a personal device that gives them access to practically anything they could need. And I don’t mean just the under 30ies. Today, tasks once capable of taking up significant parts of our day can be done in no time on the web. The search and purchase of products and services, filing and tracking our taxes, paying bills and getting messages to anyone in the world can be completed in seconds. We are easily able to watch television shows and movies, conduct research, and find employment. Internet has changed the way we live. And Internet has completely changed the way sales operate. Once upon a time, buyers had to rely on sales to learn how to fill their needs. The process included cold calls, handshakes, chance meetings, and dependence on sales pitches. If a buyer didn’t like what they heard, they could go elsewhere, basically starting over. Consumers needed sales. They were locked into regions and often stuck with local products and pricing. The Internet changed the entire scenario. The […]

The 6-Step Guide to Prospecting at a Conference or Trade Show

Trade shows and conferences are generally quite costly to attend, but they also continue to be a gold mine for businesses that understand how to best utilize them to meet their needs. Here is a six step plan for making sure that you utilize your appearance at your next trade show or conference to maximum effectiveness. 1. Decide in advance exactly what you want to accomplish In almost any industry, there are any number of trade shows or conferences that a business can make an appearance at. Understanding what your ultimate goals are will help you not only narrow down which conference or trade show you want to attend, but will help you plan for maximum impact once you are there. A trade show is about marketing and just like any other marketing, you will have a target demographic. Are you looking for new clients or consumers; to attract new talent into your entry level ranks; or for new leadership to fill out your executive staff? Understanding what your goals are will help you plan the most effective strategy for meeting those goals. 2. Set up appointments in advance Don’t wait until the trade show or conference starts to begin […]

Marketing Needs to Do One Thing: Generate Leads. Nothing Else Counts

There’s an endless spiel of advertisements all shouting and grabbing for your consumers’ attention. We are experiencing more than 6’000 ad contacts every day. And we marketers have to deal with it. Over this noise, you have to be heard. Finding out what your target consumer likes, dislikes, and is interested in will ultimately decide if they choose to do business with you or not. The whole purpose of marketing is to help identify and finally solve a problem. The best solution provider and/or product will win. It is all about problem finding and creating leads. Sounds easy … Inbound Marketing Delivers a Targeted Invitation to Dialogue There needs to be an attraction formed with the consumer right away when you deliver your blogs, newsletters, videos, or social media messages. As the attraction of your service or product grows stronger, your target demographic is brought closer and closer to making a purchase. It also keeps them coming back for more. Consumer Behavior is Changing Your Marketing Backpack Change is hard. You have an inbound marketing strategy that you think is working pretty well, and it can be nerve-racking starting from scratch. A good marketing backpack includes what attracts every consumer to your site: […]

B2B on Instagram: 13 Inspirations What to Post

Relative anonymity on social media is a fact that many B2B companies have to deal with. And  Instagram marketing is not the easiest thing to master. After all, how much can you say with only a picture? In reality a lot can be accomplished through Instagram marketing, but it’s important to make sure you’re posting the best material you can come up with. Unfortunately, it only takes a few images that are less than exciting to turn away an entire audience. When in doubt, the best way to get noticed on Instagram is to be original. Do something no one else has, or at least do it differently from everyone else. Of course, it’s not always that easy, so here are a few ideas to spark inspiration. 1) Shots from behind the scenes No matter how boring everyday life seems around the office, your fans and followers will feel like they’re catching a glimpse of another world. All you have to do is take a few shots of whatever you’re doing, or a couple of your favorite people in the office, and watch how excited your followers get. If your photo has people in it, make sure to mention who they […]

8 Keyword Research Tools to Optimize Your Content For SEO

Search optimization has become an essential part of digital marketing, especially for marketers following the inbound philosophy. Even the highest-quality and most relevant content matters little if potential customers can’t find it, and SEO helps marketers avoid that downfall. But in order to effectively optimize your website and its content for search engines, you need to find the keywords that are at once relevant to your audience, and searched frequently enough to make a difference in your web traffic. To help you accomplish this goal, here are the 8 best keyword research tools to find the right keywords for SEO. 1) Google Keyword Planner Without a doubt the most widely-used SEO keyword tool comes from the world’s largest search engine. Available in Google AdWords, the Keyword Planner allows marketers to determine metrics like average monthly searches, competition level (how many other marketers are targeting the same keyword), average cost per click, and more. It even takes keyword research one step further, suggesting alternative but related keywords that may be more successful. 2) Keyword Another widely-used and free tool, Keyword enables marketers to do the basic research necessary to find the best keywords. The concept is simple: the tool uses Google Autocomplete to suggest […]