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Mandelli1953: FUSILLA, design Alessandro Dubini

Dall’incontro tra Mandelli1953 e Alessandro Dubini, architetto e designer eclettico con studio a Monte Carlo, è nata Fusilla, maniglia dalla spiccata personalità e caratterizzata dalla ricercata lavorazione per l’impugnatura. Alessandro Dubini, che ha disegnato per aziende rinomate tra cui Lema, Zanotta, I 4 Mariani ed altre, utilizza tecnologie e materiali innovativi con notevole sensibilità progettuale […]

Michelle Tanguay

Michelle Tanguay presents her amazing works on her site.

Daydream by Joynout

Meet DAYDREAM by Joynout (Designer: Assaf Israel): “The importance of daydreaming has already been proven in studies. It comes to remind us that every good thing needs its own time. When we are not obsessed by challenges, our brains make cognitive leaps. After thinking about this for some time I had a vision of a […]

Stas Neretin’s Works for the 2017 Rijksstudio Award

Check out Stas Neretin‘s amazing Works for the 2017 Rijksstudio Award!

Chris Youssef

Chris Youssef presents his very inspiring artworks on his site.

Slamp: Fabula Collection

New by Slamp: Fabula Colletion, design by Costantino Morosin. Fabula appears to be a long piece of fabric wound around itself. The new, iridescent versions for ceiling and wall are 60 cm in diameter, handmade with Lentiflex®, and feature 5 light sources, making them perfect for illuminating large spaces. The ceiling, wall, and 48 cm […]