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2015 Hair Trends To Watch: How To Style Your Hair This Quarter

2015 Braided Hairstyle So far the past year lots of hairstyles have dominated in the beauty scene. Worry not I am going become your “hairstyle fortune teller” and predict to you about the styles in the coming quarter. Therefore worry … Continue reading →

How To Maintain Latino Style Hair

Latino Hairstyle Most Latino chicas may not have the time to go for fancy blow out, but you can always keep the pelo (hair) under control. The curling wand serves the urgent purpose to take care of the hair. It … Continue reading →

How To Perfect The Famous Afro Bantu knots DIY Hairstyle

[:en] Have you done the DIY Bantu knots then ended up with cheesy ugly results or curls that disappear within a day or two? Then there is something you are not doing right. When the hair is tied around itself, … Continue reading →

How To Hide Your Hair Bangs

Hide Your Hair Bangs Bangs are great when used to accentuate your eyes and facial features, however when they become overgrown or you get tired of them, or miss your initial look before you got them they get challenging. As … Continue reading →

How To Maintain Your Blonde Hair Correctly

Blonde Hair Tips Blonde is the golden gal’s hair to stardom. Blonde hair defines your attitude and helps you shine wherever you go. Therefore your Blondie hair requires bright image and perfect maintenance. Whether you are blessed by nature to … Continue reading →

How To Style Your Hair For Oval, Round, Long Triangle And Heart Shape Faces

Oval Shaped Face We have different shapes to characterize our faces. You have to consider your facial shapes when styling your hair.  There are many facial shapes but the main ones include, oval, round, long triangle and heart shape. The … Continue reading →