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Goldkeimlinge, nature products for your granola or cereal
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Information to Goldkeimlingen after Dr.Otto and more Dr.Wiesner
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healthy foodstuff for your granola

Goldkeimlinge are a valuable and healthy foodstuff. Thanks to the patent pending way of germinate it had been successful to optimize the rapidly fast growth. During the process of germinate, vitamins which are existing in the grain, become multiplied, besides the nessesary vitamin C is produced renewed. The minaerals and trace elements, which are fixed in the grain, become open and by that way bioavaivable. Goldkeimlinge contain a well-balanced relation of the vitamins, enzymes and activ substances, which are important for the growth of the embryo - only the nature can offer that. Vitamin B1 is important to produce energy by the carbohydrate. Vitamin B2 is important to retain the energyhousehold of the cell. Vitamin B6 is responable for the protein metabolism. Vitamin C is important for the intermediär metabolism. Antioxidans Vitamin E is important for the fat metabolism. Anitoxidans Biotin (Vitamin H) is important for the fat-, corbonhydrate,- and protein metabolism. Folacid is responsable for the ripeness and division of the cells. Niacin is important for the energyhousehold within the cells. Grains are real wonders. If you keep them wet only for a few days, wheat, rye, oats and barley develop a tender germ which grow towards the light. And the most impressionable is that during the process of germination the quality of the proteins und fats becomes better. Furthermore the valuable ingredients multiply and the bioavaivability becomes better. One reason for that is that the phytinacid within the grain becomes transformed during the germination. Togehter with the Fraunhofer-Institut they developed an optimized method for that. "Only when the right point in time for the germination is caught, the additional-effects can be used.", exlain the...