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Today's cartoons: The illustrated news

The news of the day as interpreted in the work of our award-winning cartoonists.

Markets Live: Major banks lift ASX

A lack of shocks from the weekend elections in Germany and NZ help buoy investor mood, while analysts say banks' decision to cut ATM fees 'immaterial' to profitability.

Sydney Airport flights grounded by air traffic control outage

An outage at Sydney Airport air traffic control has grounded flights in and out of the country's largest airport.

Arryn Snowball: Square Sun at Nancy Sever Gallery

This exhibition creates a sense of ambiguity and intangibility in much of the work.

Antivenoms fail to treat fatal snakebites in Africa

In Australia, one or two people die a year from snake bites while in India a person dies every two minutes due to a snake bite.

Pair charged after cigarette butts spark bushfire

Police have charged two people after they allegedly ditched cigarette butts near Atkinsons Dam, starting a fire that ripped through hectares of bushland.