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Airplane Apocalypse New York [HD] |

Airplane Apocalypse New York | Haschcon 3,6/10 414 The 9/11 Commission Report (2006) 1h 26min | Drama, Thriller | 5 September 2006 (USA) Independent writer-director Leigh Slawner helms this chilling dramatization of the findings laid out in the best-selling 9/11 Commission Report, a document that sought to analyze the … Director: Leigh Scott Writer: Leigh Scott Stars: Rhett Giles, Marat Glazer, Griff Furst The post Airplane Apocalypse New York [HD] | appeared first on Streaming Kinofilme.

Hölle der Gefangenen | Haschcon

Hölle der Gefangenen | Haschcon 5,1/10 261 Devil’s Canyon (1953) 1h 32min | Action, Crime, Drama | 13 August 1953 (USA) In 1897 Arizona, an ex-marshal is sent to the territorial prison where many of his enemies, among guards and inmates alike, are eager for a chance at payback. Director: Alfred L. Werker (as Alfred Werker) Writers: Frederick Hazlitt Brennan (screenplay), Harry Essex (adaptation) | Stars: Virginia Mayo, Dale Robertson, Stephen McNally The post Hölle der Gefangenen | Haschcon appeared first on Streaming Kinofilme.

9½ Wochen in Paris |

9½ Wochen in Paris | 2,8/10 3.752 Love in Paris (1997) R | 1h 45min | Drama, Romance | 7 January 1998 (France) When John travels to Paris to attend an art sale hosted by his old flame, he begins a torrid affair with a gorgeous woman (Angie Everhart) who used to be her best friend. As the erotic … Director: Anne Goursaud Writers: Elizabeth McNeill (characters), Mick Davis (as Michael Davis) Stars: Mickey Rourke, Agathe de La Fontaine, Angie Everhart The post 9½ Wochen in Paris | appeared first on Streaming Kinofilme.

Ellie Parker |

Ellie Parker | 5,7/10 4.212 Ellie Parker (2005) R | 1h 35min | Comedy, Drama | 14 July 2006 (UK) A hilarious comic portrait of a young woman’s struggle for integrity, happiness and a Hollywood acting career. Director: Scott Coffey Writer: Scott Coffey Stars: Naomi Watts, Jennifer Syme, Greg Freitas The post Ellie Parker | appeared first on Streaming Kinofilme.

Natural Enemy |

Natural Enemy | 5,2/10 498 Natural Enemy (1996) 1h 28min | Crime, Drama, Horror | Video 10 January 1997 A businessman (Donald Sutherland) has a hotshot young new partner (William McNamara). What he doesn’t realise is that his new partner is the son of his second wife, adopted into an abusive … Director: Douglas Jackson Writer: Kevin Bernhardt (screenplay) Stars: Donald Sutherland, William McNamara, Lesley Ann Warren The post Natural Enemy | appeared first on Streaming Kinofilme.

Der jüngste Tag – Judgement Day |

Der jüngste Tag – Judgement Day | 4,6/10 930 Judgment Day (1999) R | 1h 35min | Action, Thriller, Sci-Fi | Video 12 November 1999 Cultists with an enigmatic leader (Mario Van Peebles) seize the only man capable of devising a way to stop a giant meteor from hitting the Earth. Agents (Suzy Amis, Ice-T) are then sent to … Director: John Terlesky Writer: William Carson Stars: Ice-T, Suzy Amis, Mario Van Peebles The post Der jüngste Tag – Judgement Day | appeared first on Streaming Kinofilme.